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Hooray for Hurraw!

One of my favorite things is lip balm. I always have at least 3 sticks in my purse at all times. And I even keep a couple at my desk at work. It might be a slight obsession, I admit. And,  I am very particular about my lip balm: it must be light weight, long lasting and absorb quickly. I hate feeling like my lips are suffocating under the weight of the balm.

But most lip balms are beeswax based and therefore not vegan (read about that here) so it was pretty tough finding vegan lip balm. After I had tried a few products, only to be disappointed, I asked a friend of mine what she used. She told me about Hurraw Lip Balm and even bought my first stick for me!

Hurraw is amazing! Hurraw is organic, vegan and cruelty free (you can read about that here). The base of these balms is sweet almond oil so it is light weight and absorbs quickly into your lips. It also glides on very smoothly-no tugging and no stickiness after applying it. Your lips immediately feel hydrated, smooth and refreshed. And Hurraw is available in many fun flavors including: Chai Spice, Chocolate, Root Beer and Earl Grey. Their Black Cherry balm is tinted and gives you the perfect amount of color. Hurraw can be found at American Apparel stores or you can shop online at


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