This is a list of highly recommended websites, documentaries and books for your reference. I will update this page regularly.

Recipes of the recipes on this website will be vegan; although the author of this website is not. She focuses on allergen free foods so you will find lots of dairy free and gluten free recipes. My some of my favorites are Banana Bread Oat Pancakes  (gluten free and vegan) and Thai Lettuce Wraps. is responsible for my discovery and obsession with overnight oats.  Lots of great recipes here plus some fitness and photography. mother of all vegan recipe websites, Post Punk Kitchen. Created by the amazing Isa Chandra Moskowitz, this page has every recipe you would ever need. And they are amazing. There is so much on this site, I don’t even know where to begin; however, this is the first recipe I’d ever made from Isa’s site and it was amazing: Pesto Risotto with Roasted Zucchini.

Simple Green Smoothies-This website played a huge role in making my transition to a vegan lifestyle so easy. I took the 30 day smoothie challenge. I followed their smoothie plans and really enjoyed them. This isn’t a fast or a cleanse but it’s simple about getting in the habit of green drinking. Smoothies are an easy way to drink your veggies every day!


Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead-This documentary is a testament to our bodies ability to heal itself. The information is presented in an entertaining way but this is serious business. It follows Joe Cross on his quest to get healthy to reverse the symptoms of the autoimmune disease that he suffers from. On his journey, he meets a man who suffers from the same disease and forever changes his life.

Forks Over Knives-This documentary also discusses how our bodies can heal themselves with proper nutrition. Dr. T Colin Campbell and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn discuss the Standard American Diet (SAD) and how changing our diet can reverse and eliminate many of the illnesses that plague our society.

Blackfish-Highlighting the case of Tilikum, an orca at Sea World Orlando that killed a trainer, this documentary offers information on what happens behind the scene at Sea World and other marine parks around the world.


Skinny Bitch-The first book I read after adopting a vegan lifestyle, this book was very helpful. There is a lot of information on the farming industry, organic vs. non organic crops, how to maintain a balanced diet and lots of menu plans. There are a whole series of books, including cookbooks.

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