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Southwest Chick’n Salad

The usual punchline is that all vegans eat are salads. Don’t get me wrong, we enjoy a great salad but that’s not all we eat! And when we do eat salads-WE GO ALL OUT! We make GIANT salads loaded with all kinds of good stuff. Delicious, fresh and filling, this is one of our favorite salads and will leave you so satisfied on your hungriest of days!

Southwest Chick’n Salad

For 1 salad, you’ll need…

Salad greens-I use bagged Romaine but feel free to use whatever you’d like! I’ve even used a lettuce mix with cabbage and carrots because that’s all I could find at the store.

Boca Chicken Nuggets cooked per directions and sliced. I use 3 nuggets per salad. (PS. I throw these in my airfryer. If you don’t have one, I HIGHLY suggest adding one to your kitchen!)

1/2 cup Black Beans, drained and rinsed.

1/2 cup corn, drained and rinsed. I use fresh frozen that can be thawed quickly!

Cherry tomatoes, quartered.

Avocado, chopped.

Tortilla Strips. These are vegan friendly!

Buffalo Sauce

Ranch dressing


Here’s how you do it..

Layer everything into your dish…


Black beans


Sliced Chick’n Nuggets


Cherry tomatoes

Tortilla strips

Drizzle of Buffalo sauce

Drizzle of Ranch dressing



And there you have it, a super delicious salad that comes together in just a matter of minutes! Let me know if you try this out!