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    Spinach & Tofu Tacos

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    Spinach & Tofu tacos topped with salsa verde and chopped cilantro.

    A local restaurant that we go to has weekly specials. One of their specials was called “Popeye’s Tacos” and my hubby loves them! There is nothing fancy about them but the flavors are so good. I decided to try to replicate these at home and they were a success! Here is what you’ll need to make them at home:

    1 Package Extra Firm Tofu, drained and pressed

    8oz Baby Spinach leaves (I used a small clamshell package but you can adjust more or less depending on your love of spinach)

    1 TBSP oil

    1 TBSP Earth Balance



    Corn tortillas for serving

    Your favorite salsa (I used a salsa verde I had on hand but a red salsa would also do lovely here)

    Fresh chopped cilantro for sprinkling.

    1. Shred the tofu using a box grater. You can use a handheld grater but make sure the holes are big. Don’t attempt to use a zester, that won’t work.


    2. Heat cast iron pan over medium high heat until hot. Once the pan is hot, add in oil and Earth Balance butter. Allow oil and butter to get to temperature.

    3. Once oil and Earth Balance are hot, drop in shredded tofu. Season with salt and pepper and give it a stir.

    4. Let the tofu cook on one side, without stirring, until you see a nice golden color and crisp form. Once you see the golden color, flip using a thin spatula. Allow to cook on second side using the same method.

    5. Once tofu is cooked, add in spinach and stir to wilt down the spinach and heat through.

    6. Fill your tortillas with the spinach and tofu mix, top with salsa and any other toppings and enjoy!

    These tacos would pair well with breakfast potatoes or rice and beans for an easy dinner!

  • WTFriday!?

    WTFriday!?-Silken Tofu

    Tofu is an amazing little staple in a vegan diet. There are so many kinds of tofu available at most stores-soft, firm, extra firm, baked, marinated-you name it! Silken tofu is one of the many variations of tofu that can be found. Silken tofu is shelf stable, meaning that no refrigeration is needed and is typically packaged in aseptic packaging. In my local stores, it’s in the ethnic food aisle with the other Asian food items. Also, it is not packaged with as much water as cold tofu. The package usually has very little water and you can cut the box open and slide the block of tofu out. It’s much less messy than those “easy open” cold tofu packages.

    While refrigerated tofu is mainly used for tofu scrambles and pan frying, silken tofu is used for baking, sauces and creams. I made my first vegan chocolate cream pie with silken tofu. It was amazing! A quick google search will yield many recipes for the many ways to use it.

    My first chocolate cream pie. It was delish! I was slightly impatient and took it out before letting it get completely chilled.
    My first chocolate cream pie. It was delish! I was slightly impatient and took it out before letting it get completely chilled.

    Next time you’re in the mood for a creamy delicious pie, try using a silken tofu based pie. You can even top it with coconut whipped cream. You won’t even miss the dairy!