What’s the deal with honey?

You might hear the term “beegan” from time to time. That term refers to someone who is vegan but doesn’t abstain from the use of honey. Some vegans don’t see anything wrong with the use of honey as long as it comes from a local beekeeper instead of a commercial bee farm (yeah, those exist!). Furthermore, with the phenomenon of Colony Collapse Disorder on the rise, others feel that the increased demand of local honey will help thwart the die off of honeybees that we are currently seeing. People have even started adding beehives to their own gardens to help the wild honey bees and will often use the honey made in these hives.

And, then there is the other side of the argument. Honey is something that is made by an animal and, therefore, should not be used or consumed by humans. While honey can be viewed as a simple byproduct of a honey bee’s hard work, honey is much more than that. Honey is food for the bees so who are we to take it from them, especially after they’ve worked so hard to make it? This article, 3 Reasons Not To Eat Honey,¬†outlines the many issues that surround our current bee population and why taking honey from is harmful to them.

The decision to use honey or not is one that each individual must make on their own. Maybe you decide to keep a beehive in your garden, purchase local honey from a bee keeper or decide that honey is not for you anymore. Either way, the fact that you are thinking about this and making a conscience decision about it is a step in the right direction.







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