WTFriday! Tahini


tahini plastic tahini glass tahini tin

Let’s talk about tahini! You will find tahini to be a common item in vegan recipes, especially in recipes based in Middle Eastern cuisine.

Tahini is essentially a paste made by grinding up sesame seeds that have been roasted, athough you can also find raw tahini. It can have a bit of bitter taste if eaten on it’s own so it’s usually combined with garlic, lemon and salt. It can be used in a multitude of ways from sandwiches to soups. Tahini is a bit of secret powerhouse packed with all kinds of essential vitamins.

Tahini can be found in grocery stores in the condiment or peanut butter aisle. It is packed in tin cans  or glass jars. The consistency is much like a natural peanut butter where the oil and butter tend to separate. Be sure to mix it well before each use. Tahini is best kept in tightly sealed in the refrigerator.

Use one of these great ideas to incorporate tahini into your next dish!


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